CES specializes in removing the administrative burdens from your business or franchise!

While employees are the greatest asset your company has, employee MANAGEMENT is your greatest liability. You can buy insurance to cover damage to vehicles, equipment, and even the employees themselves, but there is no insurance to protect your business from OSHA citations, WHD fines and penalties, or employee lawsuits...

Every company can use a little help... What opportunities do you see within your operation?

DOL Compliance - Human Resources & Safety?
Employee Handbook Review/Update/Replace
Required Company Safety Manual
Required Posters and Notifications
Industry Specific and OSHA Compliant Safety Trainings
On-Call Support for day to day questions
Payroll Requirements?
Compensation Plan review and advice
Overtime Requirements
Federal and State Tax management
Benefits Management
Worker's Compensation/Employee Leasing?
Pay as you go rather than annual deposits
Simple or eliminated renewal processes
Improve Cash-Flow

Whatever you need help with, CES is here to provide it. CES has specialized in the Residential Service Provider industries (Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical & Roofing) since 1998, and continually strives to learn how to mold services to YOUR needs, not force you to change to fit our model.

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CES has the Answers!

Comprehensive Employment Solution

Let CES be the solution to your administrative burdens. We have multiple programs that will not only help you become compliant, but also improve your cash flow!